Interiorscape Trends for Businesses

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The interiorscape trend is taking the business world by storm today. More and more businesses are paying attention to their employees’ environment, and as a result, interiorscape trends have become a hot topic in the world of business and space planning. Workspace environment has come to mean so much more than just the furniture and the room’s layout. Through interiorscaping, businesses help employees become more productive, feel less stress and enjoy their jobs more.

What Is Interiorscaping?

Interiorscaping is bringing natural elements indoors. This can include letting in more natural light as well as using living plants as décor elements. It is certainly not a new concept, as people have been trying to bring the outdoors inside for many years. It is the way that it is being done today that is revolutionary.

Interiorscape Trends in the Business World

Savvy business owners and managers understand the value of interiorscape trends and incorporating them into interior redesign projects. By paying attention to employee well-being, productivity and atmosphere, companies can increase their bottom lines. Improvements in the work environment boost employee retention rates, make for happier employees, and in return, staff that is willing to work longer and harder at their jobs. So, what interiorscape trends are businesses implementing?

Water features: The sound of water is soothing and peaceful. It helps reduce stress and makes people feel calm. When water features are added to a business’s décor, employees are able to make better decisions because they feel less pressured. People communicate better because tempers do not rise so easily.

Feature walls: Both Google and Twitter have implemented large feature walls that are alive with green plants. These walls make the air cleaner and make employees feel more emotionally balanced. Not only do they look great, but it has been estimated that spaces with more greenery help increase productivity by as much as 12 percent.

Natural walls: Instead of building walls with man-made materials, businesses are creating divisions with natural elements like wood, grass and other materials that are normally seen outside.

More windows: Natural light decreases the need for other lighting that can cause headaches and stress. More windows have been shown to improve mood and energy levels, thus increasing everyone’s productivity and engagement.

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